25 - 27 Sep 2017

Abu Dhabi National Exhibtion Centre

China Sourcing Workshops

China Sourcing Workshops

Some of you may have tried to source from Chinese manufactures before. These days there are primarily
2 ways to source from China. Through the plethora of internet websites, (with their associated risks and challe
nges, ranging from non-delivery or poor quality) or the other route which is visiting China by yourself !  The latter is often an expensive option due to travel and accommodation costs as well as the challenges of communication and cultural differences.

The solution is to visit China Trade Week, where we bring China to you !

No one can deny that sourcing from China can be a very rewarding and highly lucrative exercise and can help
you grow your business.

At China Trade Week you will get the opportunity to attend our Free of Charge, China Sourcing Workshops.
These workshops are designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to source from China by yourself !

Our China Sourcing Workshops are being presented by professor who not only know and understand your challenges but in fact do it for a living for their various clients both in Middle East and China!

So if you want to obtain the skills, know how and the connections to source quality and cost effective products

that will help grow your business then we look forward to seeing you

Workshop Timings:  
11am and 2pm every day of the show 25th - 27th of September 2017

Workshop Venue:
The China Sourcing Workshops are situated on the right hand side of the exhibition hall as you enter ADNEC at the main entrance.